5 Reasons You Need to Stop Stressing Now

5 Reasons You Need to Stop Stressing NOW

If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and burned out, then you are certainly not alone. This is pretty much the status quo for countless millions of people around the globe, especially with the pandemic that still seems to not go away.

Stress is still prevalent, particularly in the workplace, with 85% of Americans reporting stress over their workload and lack of balance. Not to mention having to return to the office, which a survey by Monster.com reporting that 95% of workers will leave their job over this.

But that doesn’t mean that this has to be the status quo. In fact, it makes it even more important that we explore the reasons for this stress and find ways to stop it.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t just ‘put up’ with serious stress.

It Makes You Unhappy

Not only does stress make you extremely unhappy in the moment – kind of by definition – but it can also lead to longer term issues with your mental health, such as depression, anxiety, and mental fatigue, i.e. burnout.

When you feel low, anxious, and depressed, the world will feel as though it has no color; anhedonia is the lack of pleasure which is not a good state to be in. In order to really enjoy the things you’re doing – you need to allow yourself to find the pleasure in them; having good outlets to deal with your stress will bring the pleasure back.

It Damages Your Immune System

Stress forces the body to redirect blood and oxygen away from the organs and toward the muscles. Your body assumes that if you’re very stressed, you must be in danger. Hence you are more likely to need your biceps than your spleen!

Problem is, that this then means that your immune system stops working as well as it should – leaving you open to attacks from harmful bacteria and germs. The result is that you’ll get sick more often, the longer you are highly stressed; in addition, you may experience problems with sleeping and eating, among others, which will not lead to performing at your best.

In the long term, stress can actually be dangerous and even cause fatal illnesses, such as heart disease or dementia. Your cells respond to your emotions which can be detrimental in the end.

It Prevents Nutrient Absorption

Likewise, stress causes blood to be directed away from your digestive system (hence the feeling of getting ‘butterflies’). That then means you absorb nutrients less effectively. The brain and the gut are directly connected so being under stress will have a definite impact.

Over time, this can result in serious malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies, resulting in a host of other issues. Weight loss can occur; this may sound ideal but it actually is bad for your health and not the best way to shed pounds. Getting clearer and calmer will help your overall well-being.

It Causes You to Make Mistakes

When you are stressed, you will struggle to focus on the task in hand. Simply, whatever it is you’re worried about is going to seem more important. Cortisol is the culprit as it goes right to the prefrontal cortex, or the executive functions of the brain. Stress releases this chemical and lead to a lack of focus, concentration, and memory.

The more you stress, the more mistakes you’re likely to make and this can lead to all kinds of complications and issues. In business, a clear head is definitely needed so you perform at a higher level.

It Damages Relationships

Stress can make you short tempered, it can rob you of the energy you need for socializing, and it can result in you being less pleasant to be around.  This can damage relationships with coworkers or your boss which will make work miserable. These poor  relationships can affect work tasks, recognition, and inclusion. Getting a check on your temper will help you to work on dealing with any stress you may be under.

Stress is a killer, both physically and emotionally which is why it’s important to pay attention to the signs and symptoms you’re initially experiencing rather than allowing them to spiral out of control and lead to the five areas listed above. By doing so, you will stress-less and have a better ability to cope with your business (and life).

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