Creating Rituals to Get Things Done

We’re now on Day 3 of the 30-Day Challenge – I hope you’ve jumped on board. This is one of the best ways to begin a habit you’ve been trying to start. Habits, according to new brain studies, can take anywhere from 60 days up to one year to form and stick. That’s a long time in the bigger realm as we do have to unlearn old habits and then we have to practice the new. This is why committing to a specific task will lead it to becoming a positive habit.


While you’re on this journey, I think it’s important to create one, or a few, rituals that will get you excited and prep you for the tasks you will take. For myself and my blog challenge, these include:

  • practicing gratitude each morning as I find this sets the tone for the day – positive begets positive
  • read – I make it a habit to read something each morning, such as an article, a magazine such as Success, Entrepreneur, or Talent Management. This helps to set a positive mindset, educates, as well as gives me inspiration on what I’d like to write about
  • daily crossword puzzle – as one way to increase neuroplasticity and strengthen the brain, I work on a crossword puzzle daily; not only does it challenge me but I learn new words and meanings to add to my ‘repertoire’
  • eat healthy – this helps with energy
  • write topics and ‘to do’ lists – I take 10-15 minutes to free-think topics to write during my challenge, as well as listing tasks I need to get done for each day. Free-thinking, unlike brainstorming, is where any and all ideas are accepted and gets the creative juices flowing more. Lists keep me on task and feeling accomplished as each task is completed and crossed off

I hope these give you some ideas of rituals you can develop as you move through these next 30 days. Another checked off – TGIF!



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