Know Your Motivators

Yesterday I wrote about challenging yourself to complete a goal, or perhaps start/stop a habit. To take this a step further, in order to complete these tasks, we need to have a motivator that will keep us inspired and in forward motion. But are you even aware of what your motivators are?


I find most people don’t. To explain, there are two basic types of motivational needs that we possess:

  • Intrinsic Needs: these are motivations that come from within; they are needs that are innate and are personal drivers to work on and accomplish goals. No one has to tell you to do something as you will find the ways to get them done; some examples are that you will stay late if work at the office is not completed, or you will come in on your day off to help the team out. Another example is wanting to participate in decision making or a desire to help others.
  • Extrinsic Needs: these are external factors that spur one on to take action and get an outside reward. Some examples include: working for the pay or benefits, or for a closer parking spot; they won’t stay late unless there is a monetary bonus or some other benefit such as coming late the next day.

Neither one of these is better or worse – what works for one won’t work for the other. But it is important to know how you are motivated in your work and personal tasks. Knowing this will then help you as far as starting and staying the course for whatever you set as your challenge goal (you did, right?). If an external reward will keep you going, then having a reward for the end will be the motivator for some, while another would just get satisfaction in their daily routine. I encourage you to sit and reflect to determine how you are motivated and what you will need to keep going; this might be help in the form of family or friend, having schedules or downloading an app that will keep you on track. Be sure to add small recognition and rewards as these are motivators for everyone.


One Reply to “Know Your Motivators”

  1. Motivation comes pretty easy for me. I do need to stop and think whether something is really giving me the right result though, or I just keep on heading in the same direction, head down and working hard. Great post.


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