Let the Challenge Begin

It’s that time of year – the time when I begin my own 30-day blog challenge. With the Olympics coming up, this seems to be a great time to be in my own Olympics, so to speak. By doing so, I have found several facts that hopefully will inspire you to do your own challenge, whether that is blogging, taking up a hobby or exercise, losing weight, practicing gratitude, or stopping a nasty habit:

  • It’s only 30 days, not a year or forever. By looking at a short term end-date, our brains fear center relaxes so we can take action and not shut down before we even start
  • By doing one small task, or commitment, you will be starting a habit of which consistency and commitment are keys to following through. This is the Kaizen way – by doing the smallest task that feels the least threatening, fears won’t take over and soon you’ll be forming a new, positive habit
  • It’s not that hard – really. Think of past successes you’ve had when you may have said ‘this is too hard’ but eventually you did get it done.Reflect back on what specific actions you took then that you can apply now. Past success is a predictor of future success.
  • The challenge you choose is up to you, and not someone else, so you get to set the rules. This makes it all on you – both blame and success so think of which side you want to be on
  • Know that you are strong and can achieve anything you want; have the belief in yourself that you can and WILL see your challenge through
  • Set yourself up for success by writing your goal in detail, and then have a plan to schedule the task into your daily routine, and then celebrate your daily success. I think you’ll find that our motivation will increase, which will lead you on to the next day, and the next, and the next

If needed, get help if you really feel you can’t take action or follow-through on the steps you are taking. This challenge is about doing something that you’ve wanted to do to see if you actually can – see you on the other side of 30 days. I hope you enjoy the info I will be sharing with you. Let the journey begin!


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