It’s March Madness – Don’t Allow it in the Workplace

I’m not necessarily a basketball fan, but March Madness is in play – this is when men’s basketball competes to be named the best. It’s been dubbed ‘madness’ as anything can – and does- happen with winners and losers never being a sure bet.

The workplace can seem as if you’re in a ‘March Madness’ type of environment: overworked, under-appreciated, and underpaid. You might see coworkers getting promotions or ripe opportunities or good workers become complacent or laid off. For s0me, this might be the end/beginning of the fiscal year so the pressure is on. You start to question: “When will the madness stop?”

While you can’t control any of these situations that arise, you can control how you perceive them; you can view these as stressors or negative experiences or you can choose to detach from them and see them in a more positive light. We can control our thoughts and viewpoints if we choose to. The more negative we think about a situation, the more negative it becomes, which then becomes a belief which are the hardest to change.

If you find yourself in a negative situation, ask yourself what benefit you are getting from keeping this frame of mind and what leads you to think this way. You might uncover a fear of some kind (layoff, worry about money, jealousy, etc.) for which you can then work to resolve. Continue asking how you can reframe your thoughts and detach from the situation, focusing more on your work and using the skills and talents you have to increase your performance, thereby increasing your self-efficacy (self-belief).

When you do, your confidence and security will increase, as well as your performance and mastery. You don’t have to allow the madness of the workplace to affect you in a negative way. You do have control so make the decision today to “Stop the Madness.”

If you’re ready to stop hating your job and learn how to take back the control, contact us today for your Complementary Discovery Session:


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