Ever Wonder Why You Don’t Get Called Back for a Job Submission?

If you’re a job seeker, or plan to be, I’m sure you’ve experienced this story:

You peruse job boards looking for a good ‘fit’ for your skills and experience; you’ve updated your resume and polished off your interviewing skills as you wait for the phone to ring so you impress and get hired. But then you wait….and wait… and wait. You then begin to wonder if something happened; then you get more frustrated and get angry that the potential company didn’t even have the courtesy to respond. It makes you feel like giving up some days.

Sound familiar? First off, know that you are not alone. So, this may share some light for you as to why you may never get a phone call back from an employer or a recruiter: volume and overload. Recently, I was in a meeting comprised of recruiters and that was the consensus form the group – they have too many applicants and not enough time to get back to everyone. But, the real message here – and agreed also upon by the group – is that there are too many people applying for jobs they are not qualified for, which is leading to overload.

Some of the stories are not far-fetched as I could see how one could match a skill for a preferred skill but, according to recruiters, why bother if you don’t have the exact match for the job description. In defense of recruiters, they are given a job description to follow and then seek out individuals who have all of the requirements for that job, so they are following what the employer tells them. However, if a job seeker is not being keyword specific or if really just sending out an application to try and find any job, then they will be out of luck.

The basic message here is two-fold:

  1. Ensure that you read the job description carefully for the exact skills and experience an employer wants
  2. Match your skills to that job and write the application/resume to them, ensuring you can back them up

It is loud and clear that those doing the hiring are not interested in you if you think you have the skills or experience for an open job; they want you to hit the ground running which is why this diligence in matching jobs-to-skills and finding the right candidate.

The next time you don’t hear back on a job submission, take heart that it might not mean you’re not a good candidate; it might mean you’re not a good candidate for that particular job. Being strategic in your job search will help set you up and ensure you are finding the ‘right’ positions to apply to. So before you hit ‘send,’ ensure that you are the best match. It will work if you do.

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