It’s Time to Leap to Your Next Big Thing

Today is a rather momentous day, if you will: it is the last day of the month and Leap Day. I’m seeing all types of posts on Facebook and through other social media formats of what this day can mean in ‘leaping’ forward; I’ve seen trying a new food or wearing something you’d never wear, such as stripes or a collarless shirt.

Since we’re at the last day of February, we’re ready to leap to March – what are your plans for what you want the next 31 days to look like? This is a great time to make new plans, new goals, new thresholds for what you want to do in your career and your life. I like the premise of doing something you’ve not done before – challenging yourself- with the idea of leaping, or moving forward. They both go together wonderfully.

  1. What is on your ‘to do’ or bucket list? What did you say you would do in those resolutions a couple months back? What are you feeling you need more of are ready to do? Answering these questions will help you to make a decision on a specific action you want to accomplish by March 31
  2. Start with choosing one of those (not to overwhelm) and write it out very specifically, i.e. I will be in my new job as an IT software developer by March 31. What this does is create a visual on the goal, which the brain will latch on to and want to achieve it, as well as giving it a deadline. The more specific we are, the more compelling it becomes and then we will seek out the ways to get it.
  3. Write out every possible action you would need to take to get that goal accomplished; this is not about limiting but about every possibility out there – this is where you may need to ‘leap’ and stretch in what those may be. Work backwards from March 31 (you in our new role), thinking of what it took to get there; this will really expand the creative side of the brain to come up with ideas you might not think of in a conscious state (left side).
  4. Armed now with a goal and specific steps to take, make the leap; decide what time you will make it to hold yourself accountable and get mentally prepared. Then, begin. It may feel a bit scary at first but the more you, the easier it will become and the faster results you will see.

You were ‘given’ this extra day, which only occurs every 4 years – don’t you want to spend it doing something that, while it may feel uncomfortable, will move you to the career and life you dream of.  Feel the fear and ‘leap’ anyway!

(Happy Birthday to all you Leaplings, the ‘official name for those born this day in case you didn’t know!)


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