Ever Heard of Positive Organizational Scholarship (or Appreciative Inquiry)?

In many organizations, a big focus is on problems and areas that aren’t going well, which can include: the processes, systems, work being done, projects, as well as work behaviors (think of your yearly employee evaluation). It seems that problems are always pointed out first, doesn’t it?

I see this all the time, and not just in the workplace. How many times do you point out to your spouse/partner/child  when they have not done something you’ve asked them to, i.e. the dishes, pick up their clothes, take out the garbage, etc.? When we place our focus on things we don’t want, we will get more of them as we don’t see the good in people or situations.

The concept of Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) places the focus on what is right; the concept of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) does the same. Focusing on what is going well will lead to getting more; POS “develops human strengths, fosters vitality and resilience, and unlocks potential” (Robbins & Judge, 2016, pg. 12). When we hear praise, compliments and the like, we tend to feel more optimism, tap into our strength and keep working towards the things we are doing well. The end result? Higher performance and engagement; getting noticed for the work you do which can lead to bigger and better opportunities to advance either within or outside the organization.

Here are 3 key questions to ask yourself (or employees if you are the supervisor):

  1. think of a time when you were at your best – how did you feel and what exactly did you do (strengths, skills, knowledge)?
  2. what is going well in my work? – look at the positives in how you structure your day, how you perform your work, and how your relationships and interactions are with others
  3. what is going well in the organization and how can I be a contributor to that success?

Start today to focus on all that is going well in your work (and your life) and watch how more positive you become in your outlook and your performance.

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