Creating a Friday Ritual to End the Work Week on a High Note

Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF)! The last day of the week, for most, is the day when workers look forward to having two days off for rest and relaxation, whatever that may mean. Most people look at this day as one to kind of take it easy at work; others, however, may look at at the day to get work done.

However you view Fridays, why not create a ritual to end your work week on a high note by reviewing your accomplishments and setting new goals for next week. It’s a great way to capture all the wins you’ve had in the work you’ve completed, such as: projects completed, contacts you made, people you helped, skills or new knowledge learned, or tasks crossed off on your ‘To Do” list. Knowing our accomplishments builds confidence and gives awareness to being a high performer for your organization.

The review can also include what you may not have finished or gotten to in your work. It also may include any new tasks given. You can now take these and prioritize and plan for how you will start and finish each week.  The benefits of doing so:

  • you can finish the week feeling good about yourself and be able to enjoy your weekend knowing what needs to be done when you return back to work
  • you won’t have to worry come Sunday night/Monday morning about what you are facing each day – you will already know that information

This planning doesn’t have to take a long time, perhaps 30 minutes at the end of the day. You might also consider writing down your accomplishment each day and then tallying them up on Friday to make it easier. This is a ritual you want to adopt to better manage your work-life as well as your career.

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