Leaders who Develop Themselves Succeed More

Years ago, I got called in to coach a newly promoted leader; this client had been with their company for fifteen years and finally moved up the ranks. However, the company soon realized that their new manager was not quite ready for his role, thus my being called in.

This story represents a large part of problems with leadership in corporate America. Individuals are being promoted or hired into leader positions without being fully prepared, hence the reason that the leadership development industry is now in the millions (possibly billions) in order to get this ‘right.’

While I think it is the corporations ‘job’ to identify and promote high performers with appropriate skills that translate into leadership functions – and then foster them – it is also the responsibility of the individual to develop themselves. Those that do will have more success and be the leader everyone wants to follow.

What does this look like? Well, it means that you:

  • identify your leadership style and exactly the type of leader you want to be
  • identify the skills and traits needed to see how yours match and where you need to develop further
  • read books and magazines that relate to leadership, such as those by John Maxwell or Brian Tracy
  • take courses and training on leadership, both that the company offers as well as outside to gain a different perspective
  • attend professional associations and networking meetings
  • attend professional conferences where others in leadership roles gather to learn more about leadership skills
  • attend round tables or mastermind groups that are small in nature but high in power and knowledge
  • hire their own coach to work on their skills, gain feedback and be held accountable

Taking your own leadership development into your own hands will hone your skills faster and seal you deal as a leader; it also means putting into practice all of the knowledge and skills you’ve learned so you’re not just a title.

If you’d like help in developing your leadership skills or for your company, we’d love to help so contact us today for a free Discovery Session to learn more: http://www.cyscoaching.com


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