The More You Do, The Easier it Becomes

Today is Day 5 of my blog challenge, which has been going well.  I find that daily writing is like riding a bike – it comes back to you after consistent effort.  I find that the more you do a task, the easier it becomes, which results in a higher level of skill and mastery.  Often times, when faced with a task, you might focus on the magnitude of the task, either perceived or real.  The perception of the task will either lead to action or inaction, depending if you view the task as satisfying and worthwhile or you view it as hard or can’t seem to see a beneficial result.

In order to push through, it is important to let the fear-center in the brain (the Amygdala) lie low so you can push through.  I use the principles of Kaizen, which means ‘small steps lead to big changes.’  Breaking tasks down into smaller, more manageable steps will help the fear center to lay down and get out of the way so the actions you take seem more easier; it also establishes these small steps as new habits so that your next actions will not seem so monumental and lead you down the avoidance path.

Here is a great book that will tell you how to implement the practices of Kaizen and is a recommended read:

The Kaizen Way:  One Small Step Can Change Your Life, by Robert Maurer, Ph. D.,

So, using these principles – let the blogging continue.  I find that topic ideas are coming easier and the words are flowing more freely.  Give it a try – I’ll bet you’ll find more productivity and results in your day!


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