Celebrating International Coaching Week

This week is International Coaching Week (May 7-14) – honoring coaches around the globe and the great work you do in helping people to be the best they desire. Personally, I think everyone needs a coach at some point or another, as coaching is not just when an issue arises. It keeps you on track and moving forward, while giving  the accountability most of us need.


Here are 7 reasons why hiring a coach will be one of the best decisions you’ll make:

  1. A coach will help you become crystal clear on your goals and vision and the benefit of attaining them
  2. A coach will help you define your strengths and talents so you can feel confident going after the goals you set
  3. A coach will help you identify any blocks that may be preventing you from taking daily action on your goals, and help you overcome them
  4. A coach will help you move outside of your comfort zone and walk with you as you take actions that challenge you
  5. A coach will help you balance your time and productivity to get out of overwhelm
  6. A coach will hold you accountable for the very things you say you want to do so you can achieve your desires
  7. A coach has outside perspectives, ideas, and resources that will give you validation on your ideas so you can develop solutions to any challenges you encounter

If you’re on the fence about hiring a coach, which can be for a short term, such as moving through a job; or long-term, such a developing leadership skills so you grow your business, then see how the reasons above would help you to live a more fulfilled life to decide.

Also, take time this week to recognize a coach and the work they do!

If you’re ready to take action on your goals and desires, contact us today to get started; not sure? let’s chat. http://cyscoaching.com



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