How to Deal When You Hate Your Job But You’re Good At It

It sounds like a misnomer, but one really can excel at their job but secretly not like it; in fact, they may hate it. The job either does not align with their values or fit their style of working. It could be the overall culture of the organization that leads to these hateful feelings.


How is it possible for someone to be so dissatisfied with the work they do but, yet, perform highly, often getting recognition for this work?

For one thing, I think this can show that we only equate job performance with job happiness. But, this is not always true. One can love the work they do and not the environment they do it in or, they can love the environment but not the work, which involves the concept of job involvement (Kanungo, 1982).

If you can identify with the work tasks you do, meaning you know your highest skills and aptitudes and then use them while performing the work you do, you will be more motivated to do them. You will be tapping into your intrinsic motivation and doing what is ‘the right thing to do.’ You do them because there is a goal to reach and an end-user who will benefit from your work.

However, extrinsic factors do come into play, such as money and the making of it. I have seen individuals  who know they have to make money for themselves and their families, so they buckle down and to what is needed. That includes acting happy on the job outwardly but not on the inside. But, this does not preclude them performing highly.

These individuals usually have good self-talk, meaning they don’t allow the negatives of the job to be their focus. They reaffirm why they are doing that job to keep focused on the end-result of making money that will pay their bills and keep their families ‘safe.’

Usually, these individuals also add on that they will do the work until….the next opportunity comes along, the right job is on the horizon, they will start their own business….. While there are individuals who will follow through, most won’t. That money they are working for usually becomes to large to find elsewhere and they become ‘stuck’ in their current state.

There is hope, however, to this situation. Hating a job is in the mind; it starts with an unmet need or expectation which then elicits a negative thought, which then snowballs into hating the job. The more these thoughts are focused on, the bigger they become.

So, the way to turn this around is to focus on positive thoughts; “I love my job!” Find work tasks and activities that bring you satisfaction and that come easy for you – yes, they are there. Appreciate the positives and the negatives won’t feel so overwhelming. Who know, you may even find that you secretly like the job.

If you’re on the fence, then begin to explore options for your future career. Start with setting a plan and a target date to leave, then work from there. You don’t have to stay stuck in a job you don’t like. Likewise, there will be a time when you affirm that you are committed to your current job and be the best at it. Those are the two choices you need to decide on. Neither is a loss.

If you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, why continue; contact us today to turn this around.



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