3 Ways to Feel More Confident in Your Job

So, you just started your new job and feel really proud that you were chosen for the role. You begin working but uneasy feelings start to rise up; thoughts of self-doubt start to creep in, telling yourself that you don’t know what you’re doing. You begin to repeat those thoughts and now hold yourself back in your role.


Perhaps others notice this and perhaps they don’t. But you know it. Now, you are caught in the trap of looping between wanting to be more confident but feeling you’re not. This only leads to more looping, resulting in a host of negative feelings which, if not overcome, will lead to poor performance of some kind. Now, others will most certainly notice which could result in some detrimental consequences.

Starting a new job will bring a learning curve for everyone, especially if the field is new to you. It’s normal to feel some apprehension as to how you will be accepted into the new team and if you have the capabilities to do the work. It’s when you keep doubting yourself and holding back that is when problems will occur.

I usually see individuals who have a lot fears surrounding not being good enough and of getting fired; these fears overtake them and they can begin to procrastinate on tasks, being late to work or from breaks, not interacting with the team, and a host of other emotional and physical symptoms.

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to get off the roller coaster and take charge and control. You, and only you, can step into your power and owning the skills and abilities you possess. You can hear great compliments from your team but, if you don’t feel it inside, it won’t matter. Those words will slide right off, while you focus only on those negative ones that stick in your mind.

If you’re ready to stop the madness, here are 3 steps you can take to increase your confidence and power:

  1. STOP – you must stop negative thoughts (which isn’t easy to do once they are ’embedded’); if you can, silently yell STOP, or put a rubber band on your wrist and flick it anytime a negative thought starts to arise. However, it’s not enough to stop a thought – you must now immediately say a positive statement so that now is what is focused on, as the last thing we say is what will be focused on.
  2. Assess – take time to make a list of your skills, abilities, aptitudes, knowledge areas, experiences, and achievements. This is a great way to not only keep track and manage your career, but it is a great confidence elevater as you see your greatness.
  3. Dig in – this means to do the work, no matter what. As stated, there is always a learning curve but, as the saying goes, you won’t know until you try. So push past the hesitancy and work in your own way. Ask questions as needed but, there has to be a time when you need to stop asking questions and do/show. Armed with the great attributes that make up you, there should no hesitancy any longer.

Now, I will say that there are individuals who can be perceived as lacking confidence when, in fact, they aren’t. It’s not a true representation of who they are but an assumption. I see individuals who are more on the introverted side, or who prefer to stay in the background, being perceived as less confident. It’s an assumption from their body language or perceived lack of assertiveness when, in fact, they are very capable.

Taking time to learn more about this individual will stop these presumptions and may be just what they need to step into their power. If you feel as if you are not as confident in your work, follow these steps. In addition, seek out feedback on your performance in order to validate what you’ve uncovered and take any corrective action needed. This is the way we learn and grow. Now, step into your power and own your confidence.

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