This Week – Love is in the Air

This week, we celebrate the holiday of love – Valentine’s Day.  It is a day of strong emotion – either of being in love and relishing the celebrations. Or, it can be one of apathy and, for some, strong distaste (hate?) that they have no one to celebrate with. You can’t go anywhere without being inundated with ways to celebrate and bestow one’s love; I was ‘accosted’ by a ceiling of balloons in a grocery store – a bit much, I say.

In this spirit, this week will focus on finding and spreading love, which is in our relationships, the work we do, and within ourselves, which is the most important. Love starts within and must be strong to show outside.


Valentines’s Day is not just for the one day – it should be a daily event. Giving love to others can be exhibited in opening the door for someone; it can be conveyed in a thank you; and it can be shown when we recognize talents we have versus putting ourselves down.

To kick off this week of love, begin to identify ways you can show love to both yourself and others; start small, say two people who come into your path. Each day, start of with a self-love act: mediate, exercise, journal, eat a good breakfast, plan your day, etc. Be sure to write these down as reminders and determinants of your positive actions.

Let’s make this week one of creating positive habits, so you can move forward in all areas of your life. Everything we do, whether personally or professionally, starts with love.  Can you feel it in the air?

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