Loving the Work You Do

It’s Day you2 of Love Week and the focus today is on the work you do. I can just hear the scoffing and the ‘it’ll never happen’ comments. Work is, well….work. It’s the activities you do to earn money; but money should be be the only factor.

Work is what we do on a daily basis but a career is what we do for life. Choosing wisely on a career will lead to life-long satisfaction and success. Of course there will be circumstances out of your control, such as organizational structures and politics or consumer demands.


But, you can control the type of organization you want to work in, how you navigate those politics, and understand consumer needs so your work meets their demands. In other, words, it is possible to love the work you do. It goes back to understanding why you chose your line of work and your mindset (how you think about your job/work):

  1. Reconnect with why you chose your line of work: we can become disconnected with our choice, which typically is born out of a passion, as we go about the day-to-day functions of the job. When we have work that is not challenging enough, or is too much, it can lead to a fading of that passion. When you are faced with difficult people you come across, no matter at what level, it can take the wind our of your sails. When work is piled on and it seems never-ending, disrupting your work-life balance, you can feel depleted.  So take time to fall in love with your job again: go back and list all of your skills and how they have been used, as well as the accomplishments you have created from those skills. Ensure your skills are matching to the job- how is your work contributing to the organization as well as the customers they serve. Have a plan for you structure each day and stick to it, as it will give you purpose and direction, thereby reigniting desire and satisfaction, i.e. love.
  2. Change your mindset and the words you use when describing your work – perception is everything, which is why you can talk yourself right into feeling your work s*&ks; the more you tell yourself that you hate your job, the more you will. Nothing will seems good in your day, leading to high levels of dissatisfaction which then leads to disengagement and not giving your best. Changing your the way you view your work starts with the answers you found in #1 and validating the positives you found as, this will lift your esteem and confidence up. It can show that your work is making a difference and that you are adding value to your team. Stopping any negative thoughts or comments you hear, or tell yourself, will go a long way to how you feel about the job; tick off on a piece of paper every time you think or say a negative thought as this will help to stop this negative pattern; replace it with a positive thought to make them stick. See your work as a contribution, not a chore. Find the good in your work – it’s there if you just open your eyes to it.

Learning to love the job you may hate is fully possible. Keep the love in it daily and you will.

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