When Management Feels Their Role is Overlooked

I recently spoke with someone who made a very telling statement: “Management has the hardest role within an organization.” It was an interesting observation. It’s usually said that the high-level, C-suites have the toughest job, as they are steering the ship.

In retrospect, those in managerial levels are tasked with ensuring the engine is running, the procedures are followed, and shipmates are hired, along with everything it takes to keep a ship afloat. Management typically gets a bad rap, being lower on the org chart and indispensable (i.e. easily replaceable).


I remember back to my days in a leader role and how hard it was to keep the systems and processes going, while ensuring that goals were reached, profits were made, all while making sure my workers were happy and productive. But there was always this feeling that, despite meeting the organization’s needs, it was not enough. Focus seemed to be on those who were V.P.’s, and higher.

Many managers often feel overlooked by their upline, at least those who I’ve encountered and spoken with over the last fifteen years, which runs the gamut of industries. Some have even reported feeling ‘used and abused.’ Does this type of thinking make for an effective manager?

I think not. When managers don’t feel they are valued, it will reflect in their work and the way they lead. They won’t take full control of the workplace and their people, as their dissatisfaction begins to show. They will just manage, controlling the processes and systems but their people, as well. Doesn’t make for a happy environment.

As a firm believer that managers are leaders, too, it makes sense to elevate them and add them to the leader level. While titles won’t be there, creating the feeling of inclusion will go a long way to them stepping into these shoes. Now, they will think and act as a leader should, which will go a long way to the bottom-line of the organization. Setting the tone and being inclusive is how top leaders can create and fill the pipeline, as this is an investment made. Organizations will get the most of out them, and their people, which is a win-win for all.

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