Keeping Employees Motivated Throughout the Week

The job of a leader is to keep workflow processes moving so that organizational goals are achieved. But an important function of this role is to nurture the people who perform this week. A challenge becomes keeping these workers motivated as the week moves on to the end of that week:


Monday brings a high; it’s the start of a new week so motivation is higher. people are rested after the weekend and have more energy. Relationships seems closer as people start to talk about what went on over their weekend, which creates bonds among coworkers.

Tuesday is an extension of Monday, depending on how it went. Energy is still high and focused on tasks to complete, meetings to attend, and the like. Synergy builds and collaborations continue to bring workers together. The work environment has an air of excitement.

Wednesday – ‘Hump Day.’ The middle of the week. There is still synergy but Friday is on the horizon, somehow becoming a focus. People start to talk about their plans for the weekend, ‘which can’t come soon enough….’ Frustrations start to build as work may slow or obstacles get in the way, such as a shift from one project to another or a coworker is not pulling their share of the work. The weekend can’t come soon enough.

Thursday – the week seems like it drudges on. People seems a little ‘short’ and the office vibe feels off. Work is getting done but so is the time spent on other activities (Facebook, texting, etc). Motivation seems to be waning  as the mantra becomes “One More Day!”

Friday – the end of the week is here. Energy is up and down in the respect that the week has taken its toll and taxed the senses, while the new mantra becomes “Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF).” Getting through the day is all one can do.

As a leader, how do you keep motivation up and get the best of your workers so both you, and them, feel accomplished when the 5 o’clock whistle blows?

It starts with Monday and setting the tone for how the week will go. Tapping into the motivation of each worker, and seeing how their needs can be met, will go a long way to keeping them working, and happily. Having ongoing check-ins and giving feedback will also keep them focused and on-task, as they know how they are performing and feeling cared about. Injecting fun throughout the week is needed, such as eating lunch together or a team-building activity.

Motivation is an individual trait but a good leader understands the needs of their workers and does their best to meet them. They understand that this is the way to keep workers going each day. Taking time and getting to know your workers ensures your team function performs well and adds to the organization’s bottom line. Getting through the week will be a breeze, as the saying goes.

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