Are you Aware of Your Leader Rating?

Have you ever heard of Rate My Professor? It’s an online site where students can check out feedback and ratings of professors, mainly to see if they want to take their class or not. While it’s a very subjective site, with feedback being in the eye of the beholder, it has merit.

In an organization, leaders are rated in the same fashion. While there are no formal sites to go to (at least not that I’m aware of), there are informal ratings by employees of leadership within the organizational chart: who is a tyrant, who is impatient, who is a ‘by the books’ person, who is open and friendly, who is helpful, and the list goes on and on.


So where do you fall on the list? Do you know your rating, per se, or how you are perceived as a leader by those within the ivied walls? If not, isn’t it time?

First off, it might not be as bad as you may think. You could gauge this by how workers respond and interact with you; it could be measured by how productive they are and the results from the work they do. It could be from comments you’ve heard from your peers or from your boss.

Now, your rating could be very negative; I remember a comment on the Rate My Professor site where a teacher was rated as ‘worse than Satan.’ Gauging this could be employees who never speak to you or avoid you; when a lot of conflict occurs in the office or there is a negative undertone; it could be when major mistakes occur or performance is low. It also speaks volumes if no one wants to transfer into your department, despite a lucrative position.

My hope would be that your organization conducts surveys to assess how leaders are doing. But it speaks to an emotionally intelligent (EI) leader who will do so on their own. That way, it can validate the thing you are doing well – and continue doing them – and make corrections on what you are not. The workplace needs more caring leaders, i.e. transformational, which starts with creating good relationships with those who report to you.

Begin today to assess, ala a 360 feedback; observe how your workplace culture is, talk to your people to gain their feedback, as well as do your own self-assessment and then start from there. Be on the “good” rating list to increase your brand and profile within. Be the leader your people want (and need) you to to be.

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