A Groundhog, A Superbowl, and Cupid

As we move into a new month, our journey continues on the path we charted for the new year; the path of personal and professional development that will help us to grow and achieve to our desired level of success.  As I was looking at the calendar this month, I noticed that there are quite a few significant dates that have significance to self-development and that we can take a lesson from:

  1. groundhog_day_sign_800_clr_1652Groundhog’s Day – every year, Punxatawny Phil comes out of his hole and either does, or does not, see his shadow to predict if winter will continue or not.  Phil is surrounded by all sorts of media – reporters and cameras – that want to see him emerge.  How scary it must be for Phil to come out of that hole!  Not only is it freezing cold but there are hundreds of people staring at him. He must be pretty anxious and fearful but he does it anyway.  Think back to times in your life that you felt like Phil but moved beyond the fear.  Keep that thought in your mind to give you the confidence to push past any obstacles and achieve more. (NOTE: Phil saw his shadow)
  2. gold_football_trophy_800_clr_1714The Superbowl – this is the culmination of the best of the best: the best team in the National Football League.  Thirty-two teams start but only one will reign supreme at the end of the game, which will take place on February 4.  This year, there are two football dynasties – the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots – that will compete to be named “Champs.”  If you follow football, you know it takes strength and brawn to play the game.  But it also takes focus, motivation, commitment, and determination.  These are qualities that are also needed if one is to move ahead and accomplish in their life.  Take the pulse to see if you possess these qualities; are you using them appropriately or how can you use them to enhance your career or your life.
  3. heart_flying_500_clr_21359Cupid – Valentine’s Day is the day of love, so they say.  It is about relationships and expressing our gratitude and affection to family and friends, who have impacted our lives, and that we care about.  We all need good relationships, i.e. close bonds, that allow us to both give and receive closeness, intimacy, empathy, understanding, and compromise.  There are many types of relationships that form in both our personal lives and in our career/business lives.  Putting yourself out there and reaching out to people can be scary and involves trust and empathy.  When was the last time you reached out to form a new relationship or to nurture your current ones?  If you want a job or to move up in your career, are you contacting people in your network to let them know?  How are you using your relationships to enhance your business or your life?

There are other significant holidays this month, like Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays.  Think of these men and their rise to greatness.  You can achieve their same level if you focus on your goals, utilize your strengths, and stay the course.  The journey can be a long and hard path but it doesn’t have to be if you have help. Take along the lessons from the Groundhog, the Superbowl and Cupid to get you there!

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