When Does a Hiring Manager Look at Your Social Media Profile?

We hear so much these days about having a good social media presence, and no truer than if you are in the hunt for a job. We know that LinkedInd is one that not only recruiters but HR and hiring managers check but what about your other social media presences, such as Facebook. My personal belief is that a negative profile can harm your chances of getting your foot in the door. But do you ever wonder if and when they do check you out?

I sat on a panel of career experts last night for an HR association. Included on the panel were a few hiring managers and I found their answers enlightening. Since I don’t work inside an organization, my perspective and expertise is from an external view so it was interesting to hear from the internal side. A few hiring managers said that they don’t have time to check one’s Facebook; another said that they would but only when the candidate had made the first round and before being called for a second interview; while another expert said that Facebook doesn’t matter much and can show the ‘fun’ side of a candidate.

So for some hiring managers, their focus is still on your resume and what is contained in it; however, they all said that they do check candidate’s LinkedIn profile to see if they match. An example was given that a candidate’s resume listed one job title but it was not shown on the LI profile, which immediately took them out of the running. But there are companies out there who do focus on how you are represented by your social media presence as it can indicate character, acumen and what you stand for.

. So I highly recommend taking the time to look at all your profiles and clean them up (if necessary). LinkedIn is one that needs updated frequently as it shows you are engaged in your career vs just working. Ensuring that your ‘brand’ is consistent will be a key point to keep you in the running and getting hired (or promoted).


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