Attracting the “Right Job”

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction (LOA); it is based on the principles of quantum physics that what you put out there comes back to you. So if you think a positive thought, you can attract positive into your life; conversely, if you think negatively you will pull negative events. Have you ever woke up in the morning already hating the day and things went downhill from there – you stubbed your toe getting out of bed, had a flat tire, or the dog ate you shoe? Well, that is LOA in action.

You may not realize it, but our brains are programmed to think more negatively – that is our protective mechanism that keeps those memories so we are more aware of potential danger or harm. These negative memories also can keep us down in fear and procrastination. Using the law of attraction, you can keep your positive intentions in your awareness which will keep you moving toward them.

So how does this relate to your job transition? It is possible to attract the ‘right’ job you desire; it takes clarity, visual acuity, and focused intention:

  • clarity – you must be crystal clear on the desired job position you want to attain, meaning that you have to state the position and the duties you will be performing. If you state “I want to be a manager,” this is very vague; but if you state, “I will be a manager with responsibilities for leading sales representatives, overseeing a budget, and conducting training sessions with my team” it is much more compelling to find that exact position.
  • visual acuity – when we can visually see the very things we want, our brains will go for them. Our brains really don’t know that we aren’t doing something until our rational brain says it isn’t so; using LOA principles, if you see it you can believe it and then you will act on it so when you can have a visual picture of what you want, you can do it. Professional athletes use this principle; the football player who sees himself running down the field and catching the ball will have success. You can, too. Going back to the early example, if you visualize yourself in the management role and performing your duties easily, it won’t be long before you will ‘see’ opportunities in your way.
  • focused intention – now that you are clear and can see clearly the job position you desire, you must now keep your focus on it or else it will go out of your awareness. You can write your desires daily (10 times), create a vision board, take a picture of you as you would see yourself in that role, or just allow yourself to daydream and visualize. Another great way is to do this right before you go to bed as it will imbed into your subconscious.

One other important aspect of LOA is to be open to receive – you must allow positive and goodness into your thoughts and hold onto them. I mentioned that our brains tend to hold onto more negative thoughts which will reject any positive thoughts. Openness means that you accept what is. The right job is out there for you if you open up to your desires and keep focused on them.

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