New Month – New Goals – New Purpose

Here we are facing another new month ahead – how exciting is that? I don’t know about you, but I always feel more hopeful and have renewed inspiration at the beginning of each month. It allows me to rework any plans or goals, to modify/change/enhance them, and to review what did and didn’t work. This is the only way I know to keep myself on track.

So what system do you use to keep you on track? Here are some tips that work for me and that can hopefully help you:

  • Stop – Look -Listen: in order to know if I’m on the right path, I need to STOP the busyness of life and take time to sit and unwind; this allows me to LOOK at the images in my mind of what I want, while I LISTEN to my intuition is telling me about the situation. This usually allows my creative brain to rev up (as well as my excitement).
  • Now that I have ideas for what I want to get done, I take time to WRITE them all down. I love the process of mind-mapping, and free-thinking, as they allow me to get all my thoughts and ideas onto paper without judging or rejecting any. Through writing, I’m able to actually ‘see’ my wants and desires more clearly.
  • Once new goals are written, I look at how they match up with any past goals to check for similarities or new slants on them; I also look at what got accomplished, what didn’t, and either why they did or did not. I assess the importance and compelling reasons for having them – what is the benefit I will get from reaching my desires. If it’s not as much, I reflect on this to uncover the reason(s); I try not to rush this process so it can take a couple of days for the answers to come
  • Once I’ve gone through these steps, I now can write my desires – with their purpose – very clearly, along with what resources I need; I prioritize them and set target dates to complete them. I also place them where I can see them – on my wall calendar and in my planner. Daily, I write out what I need to get done that done and go to work – I love checking off what I’ve gotten done as I feel really accomplished, which is the motivation I need to go for more.

I hope these steps will help you to take the time to develop and review your goals, desires, wants, wishes – along with your purpose – and create the month you want. If you were to look back at the end of March, what will you be able to say you’ve achieved?  If you’re not sure, I’d love to help so contact me today at


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