Taking Responsibility for Your Own Job Happiness

One problem I almost always hear from a new client is “I hate my job!” As we work to uncover the source of their level of unhappiness, it always amazes me how many place the blame onto their boss, a coworker, or the organization. They never seem to take a piece of the ‘blame’ to themselves. I won’t deny that those external influences dictate how the work gets done, which can include processes, schedules, rewards, etc. All of which may cause some type of conflict against them and can lead to frustration and unhappiness.

But, each employee – you – have a responsibility for the work you do and how you do it; your attitude predicts your job success. Often, I have seen individuals who are their lowest point when they come in – they are frustrated, angry, stressed, have physical symptoms (chest pain, stomach upset, headaches, backaches) – because of their perceptions of what someone has,  or hasn’t, done to them. My advice? Take back the control, change your attitude, and take responsibility for your own actions – what you can control vs what you can’t (or think you can’t).

  • First, make the decision to do so; I once read a wonderful story of a woman who lost a lot of weight and she said a wonderful quote inspired her: “When you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, you will do something about it.” Enough said!
  • Go back to your job description and highlight all of the skills and tasks that you do, that excite you, and that you are good at. Focusing on these will help you to fall back in love with the work you do which should provide more motivation to continue.
  • Any other tasks that deplete you, but are necessary, you must determine how you can make them more interesting so the work gets done. Perhaps you need more training or education to increase your skill-level. You might need to have a conversation with your supervisor to see how you could reengage with those tasks.
  • Work to become more positive, which starts the moment you wake up. Say 3-5 things you are grateful for, plan how you will spend your time during the day, determine to ‘eat that frog’ of the hardest or most important task first, eat a good breakfast, breathe. Doing these every morning will turn you into a happier employee and human being.

If you are unhappy in your work, then I encourage you to use these steps to turn things around. If you truly think you can’t then that’s the time to look at finding another job that won’t deplete you; however, not knowing the source of the problem can lead you into the same – or worse- situation. I fully believe taking responsibility for the work you do and your attitude can lead to satisfaction and a higher level of performance. I encourage you to give this a try (these tips work as well if you love your job).

If you’d like help with your career or in taking your performance to the next level, I’d love to help you succeed. Contact us today – http://www.cyscoaching.com.


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