Time for Change in 2015

It has been a couple of months since I’ve been here – the end of the year did not turn out exactly as I’d hoped; I had to put my beloved dog, Bailey, down when she got sick very suddenly, my Mom was hospitalized for a week when she suddenly got sick and I came down with the flu. Not exactly events that can be planned for.

Bouncing back from unplanned events can take some time but is worth the emotional effort in order to heal and gain focus and clarity on what the future will bring – exactly what you want it to. The New Year is a perfect time to have hope, to be optimistic, and to redefine any area of your life that you desire. If you haven’t yet taken the time to set your desires and plan out your year, here are three steps to help you:

  • First, do a quick review for how 2014 went to see what went well and what didn’t; decide what you will continue to do (the positives) and what you will delete (the negatives). Determine if there are any goals you wish to continue, as well as any new ones, and write these down.
  • Next, take each goal and break it down into all the steps you believe it will take to achieve them; list out the resources you will need, i.e. finances, people/support, time, etc. Having an end-time is crucial in order to provide motivation to begin and keep going. Mindset would be included here – what will you do to push through any fears that might hold you back.
  • Finally, Begin. Take one step today that will move you forward and closer to achieving one goal on your list. Focus on just that one area until it’s done. Then, you can move on to the next and the next. This serves the purpose of keeping your focus on one thing and for better managing your time – both of which are essential to high performance.

2015 can be all you want it to be provided you take massive action starting today. These steps will help – to your success!


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