Mentally Preparing for for What Lies Ahead

Yesterday I spoke of Olympic Athletes and today, on Superbowl Sunday, I am addressing these athletes; as I think of the game I also think about the mental preparation they have to make to go into this (c -0-l-d) game.  There is so much riding on it and the stakes are high – this is the game- of- all- games and what they’ve worked for since the preseason.  I think about how each player needs to prepare themselves to play this game and in front of millions.  They are visualizing, listening to motivational music and tapes, and lifting each other up.

The level of preparation they set for themselves should be a lesson for all to take notice of and model after.  As we are facing a new work-week, and a new month, this is the time to begin your own mental preparation and for what you want to accomplish this month.  Preparing mentally can help you to move past any challenges and go after your desires.  This can include:

  • listing exactly what you believe you need to/want to get done
  • setting specific and well-defined goals, with manageable and actionable steps to take
  • visualizing the outcome you want to occur
  • keeping your goals(s) in front of you, either written or on tape (ipod, cell feature)
  • affirming a positive outcome daily

I am not invested in either team but I will watch mainly for the commercials, the half-time show, and to see whose mental preparation pays off.  What types of mental preparation tactics do you use? Would love to hear so leave a comment below.


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