And It’s Begun…Blog Olympics is On!

For the last several years, I have done a blog challenge during the Summer Olympics, where I’ve written every day during the event.  So, to carry on the tradition, I will be doing so for the Winter Olympics which begin February 7.  I find that this helps me to get my creative ideas and message out while keeping me disciplined and accountable, just as these athletes do.  We can all take a lesson from them for:

  • Being passionate and going after those passions
  • Honing their craft, as they have to train and be proficient in their niche area
  • Persevering to adhere to a training schedule daily, no matter what
  • Being disciplined enough to stay the course
  • Working off of their strengths, their skills and talents – and truly knowing them
  • Overcoming the mental and emotional blockages, ala ”feel the fear and do it anyway”

Personally, I don’t get as excited for the Winter games as much as I do the Summer ones, but I will be watching to get inspired and to support the athletes who have worked so hard and sacrificed alot to get there.  I’ll be taking my cue from them during my challenge so get ready to be inspired (and challenged) also.



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