Are you Taking Your Career Seriously?

In this fast past world we live in, it can be all one can do to keep up with it.  With so many ways to go and for how to do anything, it can be exhausting.  It almost makes you laugh at how insane it all can feel.  But one area that should not be taken lightly is your career.  This is one are in our life that helps us survive as well as defines who we are; our identities are tied to our career choice and, if not considered carefully, can either make or break us either financially, emotionally, or both.  If you had never really thought about a career and its importance, then you are missing the boat from flourishing and living a good life, whatever that might look like for you.

As both a career coach and a professor teaching a variety of course that all relate to the workplace, including career management, I am always taken back when I hear how little the majority of people truly are attentive to their career and usually do so when needed, such as when they want a  job or a new job.  They really have not put much thought or effort into truly delving in and uncovering their best self and how these relate to their best career. It begs to ask how seriously they are about their career and the path they have chosen; yes, chosen.  Whether you are in your dream job or you are just in ‘a job,’ you made the decision to do so.  And how that job goes is, again, your choice to make: you can either take it very seriously and work at your peak performance or you can show up and work.

There are so many facets that go into knowing and choosing a career path that fits with who you are, namely your skills, abilities and talents; it means knowing the right type of work environment that works for you; and it means using them to land in the job where you are working at your full capacity.  When you are serious about your career, you are the one charge of it as opposed to feeling it is controlling you; you are involved and engaged in both your job tasks and with the culture of the organization, and you are showing up ready versus showing up.  If you’re not getting ahead in your career, if you have lost the passion for your work, or if you feel like Dorothy at the crossroads in Oz, then it’s time to get serious, I mean really serious – make the commitment, make the decision, and then take decisive action on how you want your career path to go.  You can either complain about it or do something about it. The choice, again, is yours to make.  Isn’t that empowering?

If you would like help to find your best career, or want to increase your performance to get noticed, then contact us today to get started.  You can also sign up for our newsletter there.  I’d love to hear how you control your control so leave a comment below.  Feel free to share this with others who may benefit from this.


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