Happy New Year Wishes – And Some Tips to Get Going!

As we celebrate the first day of 2013, I hope that you are taking time to reflect back on your accomplishments over this past year.  Recognizing goals and tasks you’ve achieved can help you to make the realization that you made up your mind and pushed through any fears that seem to be in your way from getting what you want.  Often, we can get “stuck” and feel as if we have not made any significant changes in our lives so reflecting  on what we have done, and the impact they had, can increase your motivation, confidence and willingness to keep going.   You may want to get an empty jar or a pretty container and fill it with your accomplishments over this next year; I’m going to resolute to do better in this area.

Another idea is to set a word for the year, making it one that inspires you to keep going on goals and achieving betterments in your life.   I have two  that I am setting as my word(s) for the year:  “Determination” and “Carpe Diem” (seize the day).  I have always been determined to move forward and keep going, even when the going got rough (to coin a phrase); it reminds me of my doctoral process and how I resolved to finish even when I wanted to give up.   I want to seize every day and make the most of them as I can; I recognize that the choice is mine to create the future I want.

I hope these two recommendations will get you started to begin this new year on a positive and directed note.  I wish you much love, happiness, prosperity and success in 2013!


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