Are You Ready For 2013?

The New Year – 2013 – is almost here.  Are you ready?  As cliche as it may sound, I feel very hopeful for the new year and believe in setting goals, creating bucket lists, and visioning what I want to achieve in the upcoming months.  I have been busy defining new goals and thresholds, planning out my business and marketing activities, and putting them on my calendar.  I have been creating new vision boards and motivational pictures as these inspire and excite me and move me closer to these “visions.”

How about you? Have you been preparing your lists and calendars with activities that will excite and enhance you, both personally and professionally?  Is this the year you will go after that promotion or start your own business?  Maybe you will decide to get healthy and begin to exercise or eat properly; or maybe you will save money, donate or volunteer more, or work on your emotional health through meditation and gratitude.

Whatever it is you decide, making the decision is a first start.  Then, deciding on what areas you want to enhance or improve upon, making really clear goals, and defining what tasks you can do to reach them are the next steps.  Action and commitment are the final keys that will help you go after these goals; getting support and recognizing your “wins” will keep you focused and in motion.  Once you have your goals and tasks set, set a begin date, an end date, and then pick one task or project that will be the quickest and most efficient one to achieve.

These steps will help you to begin the new year on a strong note that will keep you unstoppable.  Make 2013 YOUR year!


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