As A Leader – Have You Set Goals for 2013?

So much is talked about at this time of year on setting goals; personal goals, business goals, career goals, financial goals, and the list goes on.   One area that I’m not so sure is talked about is goal-setting from the leadership viewpoint.  These types of goals are separate from what the organization has set and that leaders will be carrying out.  Leadership goals that I am referring to are on an individual level  and encompass several facets, including team goals, individual employee goals, and personal/professional goals.

Those in leadership roles should be taking time to review what they, and their team, has accomplished this past year; this serves the purpose of assessing the ‘wins’, the ‘losses’, the ‘near-misses’, and actual threshholds of what has occurred.  Some questions to ask include:  did we make/lose money and how much; did we accomplish our tasks on time or not, and by how much; did we have any turnover and reasons; time lost- absentees, late, overtime and reasons; did we develop any new relationships – client, vendor, referral; did we market our services well – to whom, results; did my team get their needs identified and met.

All of these questions help to determine the current state of your team and leadership abilities.  Armed with this information, you can now begin to set goals for the new year; these might include:

  • team goals
  • money/product/service goals
  • marketing goals, which can include social media strategies
  • team meetings
  • rewards
  • feedback and appropriate strategies
  • personal development goals, such as health, finances, work/life balance
  • professional development goals, such as books to read, conferences/meetings to attend, webinars, etc.
  • communication goals and strategies

Once you have set some goals, develop the tasks that go with each to help you accomplish them, and then place them in your calendar or whiteboard so they are visually in front of you.  Develop time-frames for accomplishment and then share with your team.  I would recommend that you ask each of your team members to do the same and have a strategy session where you compare and discuss; this will create cohesiveness and agreement, as well as masterminding some new ideas that can enhance their engagement and performance.  By doing this, you will start off the new y


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