Friday is Actually a Good Day to Go Job-Hunting

First off, Happy TGIF!  Friday is the end of the week and always one that gets most people revved up for the weekend.   But, for job seekers,  Fridays are actually a good day to add in your job search.  This is a day that workers get to breathe, so to speak; as they are unwinding from the workload during the week, this is usually the day to play ‘catch-up.’   Which means they can now give attention to that the stack of resumes or call-back messages  on their “To D0 List.”

The implications mean  that they are  more willing to take time to read through those resumes which gives job seekers more opportunity of being noticed.  This is great news for a job candidate, as the hirer won’t feel rushed and glide over the paper – they would actually be able to read through the resume and take notice of the whole picture.  This could lead to them making a phone call at that moment to set up an interview.  The other implication, however, is the emphasis that needs to be on your resume and ensuring that it is written professionally and tailored for the specific job.

So if you haven’t included Fridays in your job search plan, I would encourage you to do so.  You could have an advantage by doing so.  Hope you have a great weekend!


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