How Little Things Can Make a Bad Day Seem Better

I woke up this morning feeling kind of ‘blah.’  It could be the weather – we are waiting to see if Hurricane Issac is going to hit us so the weather is off and on.  I decided to take my dog, Bailey, for a walk to see if that would help.  Now Bailey is a big black Lab, who I sometimes have to fight for control of where we are walking (she loves being outside)  This morning, however, she was calmer and was being easy-going.

As we were nearing the park, I had a pleasant surprise.  Two young children, a boy and a girl, were on their way to school.  I always hold Bailey on the side just to ensure that she doesn’t startle someone by her size.  Both of these children stopped to ask about Bailey; it seems both had black Labs and wanted to share their dog story.  Both were very animated and respectful and Bailey and I both had a good time talking with these children.

After they left, I found my mood had definitely brightened and I felt refocused back on the tasks that awaited me throughout the day.  The lesson here is that the smallest things can help to improve our outlook if we just take time to appreciate them.  So today, begin to appreciate the small things that are happening around you – if might be the small smile or acknowledgement or someone letting you out in traffic.  The  little things can make a bad day better turn into a good one if you choose to look at it that way!


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