Failing Because You Never Tried

My inspiration for today came from one of my favorite movies, Hearts and Souls, with Robert Downey, Jr.  It is from the scene where Charles Grodin’s character is brought on-stage to sing at a BB King Concert.  Even though he wants to perform, he has such terrible stage fright that he has kept himself back from pursuing his passion. Does that sound familiar?

As the character is standing on stage, Milo (Downer, Jr.) tells him that he failed because he never tried.  Wow – what a kick in the _*&%&!  Just like Grodin’s movie character, how many of you feel frustrated that you haven’t attained a desire you’ve wanted?  You may have had this frustration for a long time; you have the desire but something  has held you hold you back.  And, over time, this frustration builds and builds and you bypass opportunities to go after your desire but you don’t.

It is usually due to either fear or self-doubt, both of which are destructive and emotional zappers.  Fears are usually created in the mind and untrue or a skewed version of a past situation.  The brain has a funny way of embellishing facts.  You must continually challenge your thoughts by asking the question, “Do I absolutely know this to be true?”   If you fear failing, you will. But how will you ever know if you don’t try?  That question was enough to lead Charles Grodin’s character to get mad and sing.  Once he started, his confidence began to rise and he felt elated.  He then had regrets that he didn’t pursue his passion before.

So the lesson for you today is to challenge your fears; think about how you will feel if you did, as well as if you didn’t and then see which one spurs you to action.


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