Thanksgiving Week – Thanks is Essential

As we enter this week to celebrate Thanksgiving, the topic of being thankful is so relevant to focus on this week,  and why it’s essential to our overall well-being.

First off,  I can’t tell if things are getting worse or better with Covid, depending on where you reside. There seems still be turmoil, despite time moving forward.

Being thankful for all that we possess is essential to opening our hearts and minds as it takes the focus off of all that we believe we don’t have and shows us that we do. This practice alone has been rated as the #2 way to raise happiness as when we focus on our negatives we can’t ‘see’ any positives. You can blame your left brain for this; isn’t it time to get into the right where positivity and optimism live? This is why gratitude and giving thanks is crucial. But it needs to be done consistently so it will become a good habit.

I once did a 100-day gratitude challenge that lasted four years; I believe it was so effective that I was able to survive my car burning up (the manifolds) which led to a new car – the day after Thanksgiving. I was able to walk out with zero-percent financing and no payments for six months – pretty sweet deal. I attribute this happening to my gratitude and recognizing all the blessings I had.

Your Weekly Action Plan

Starting today, begin your new ‘habit’ of being giving thanks each and every day; write it, say it, practice it. Watch how your life grows because of it. 

So, take out paper or your journal and write down 5 things you’re grateful for – the job or house you have, choices you get to make, the air you breathe, etc. I recommend doing so in the morning and the end of the day.

I will admit it can be a bit challenging at first but you will begin to notice many things you might take for granted as each day goes by.

As a client of mine, who has been practicing her gratitude says: ‘Gratitude makes everything turn into a gift.”

I hope you have a successful week . I’m thankful for you!

If you need help gaining clarity on your business or career goals, or in developing your action plan, why not get some help – stop the struggle and call today to get started. I’d love to help you build the career and business of your dreams!


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