Another View on Sheep and Being a Sheeple

Yesterday, I wrote about a sermon I heard recently that was focused on sheep and how it relates to leaders as the sheep of an organization. The sermon focused on the kids, or the lambs, in the herd, and how the sheep help to inspire and nurture them until they, themselves, become sheep.


What I didn’t share yesterday is another view on this subject. During his sermon, every time the priest mentioned ‘sheep,’ the kids would bleat like one. It started with one child, then two, and, by the time the sermon was over, just about every child was bleating. (I have to admit that, at first, it was amusing but then it became annoying by the end.)

I sat there thinking how often we become like those lambs and follow the crowd. There is a word to describe this, which you most likely have heard: ‘sheeple.’  The definition is that of one who cannot think for themselves, who follows the crowd (Urban Dictionary). There is even an online magazine called The Daily Sheeple!

How many times do we (myself included) go along and follow others, going in directions we may not go normally? Think of a product you buy, or a TV show you watch; you may not have been interested but you see a lot reviews, or your friends are all talking about it, and you just have to check it out. This can be a sheeple mentality.

The workplace creates sheeple, whether inside an organization or in your own business. You may have a great idea but don’t speak up because others are vocal that an idea won’t work; you might follow a ‘guru’ in your industry and now adapt their teachings, not giving thought to your own. At one point or another, we are all sheeple in some form or fashion.

There are times when we need to be, such as in church or following set policies and procedures. But, there are times when we need to step outside and share more of who we are, and those thoughts, ideas, and opinions. This is actually how movements are started; someone else takes the leap and it aligns with us, so now we are onboard and the movement becomes bigger.

This would include:

  • taking initiatives on work goals, which inspires others to do the same
  • sharing your idea or opinions in meetings, with coworkers, and/or your boss
  • not going along with something, because it’s the rage (right now) if it doesn’t feel right for you
  • having deeper conversations with others on your ideas that gets them to understand your point of view, while you work to understand theirs, and see where you can come to common ground (or agree to disagree)
  • being all of who you are, which will draw those who align with you, filling you up and not depleting you
  • not worrying about what others think
  • being the type of leader you want to be and not what they want you to be

It’s time to STOP the sheeple mentality, although there are times to know when it is appropriate to do so. Stand in your own presence and be you! Start a movement that inspires others – this is how (positive) change in our world begins. With just one person – you!

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