Monday Morning Check-In

We have now officially survived the first week of the new year.  This week is back to full-swing – kids are back to school and coworkers return after holiday vacation. This week can be hard for most, as mentally they are still in time-off mode. It may take a day or two to find the rhythm and routine  and really get down to business.


That is, if no planning was done, which includes both physical and mental preparation. My hope is that you did planning these last couple weeks as to what you intend to get done over the course of this year. That would include making those intentions and goals and how you plan to going about achieving them.

But the most important plan is that of mindset as it dictates your actions on those plans. Starting off each day with a ritual (or more), such as positive self-talk, writing gratitude statements, some mindfulness practice, or eating a good breakfast, all will get you motivated to get the day going.

So, on this Monday, it’s time to check-in to see what you’ve done so far:

  • Did I start each day off in a positive way
  • Are my goals clear, well-defined and in detail? Are the actions I need to take clear, thorough and measurable?
  • Did I write my goals daily, as this makes them more tangible and embeds them in the brain? What have been my results so far?
  • Did I set specific times for tasks to ensure I don’t get distracted? Do I have thresholds so I know that they are producing results?
  • Did I recognize when I was not following my tasks list? Did I uncover the source to make corrections and know what I need to do to overcome them? What have been my results so far?
  • Did I ensure I made time to rest, sleep, eat well, exercise, and have fun in my schedule?
  • Do I need to alter any goals, either by adding, amending or deleting one son my list? It’s not too early to know which goals are more compelling than others; you may need to tweak them or be more specific in your action steps so that you’re taking action and doing so happily

Knowing how you are currently doing will set the tone for how you progress as you move forward in the months ahead.  It’s not too late to get started as this will lead you to having more fulfillment and a successful year ahead.

If needed, get outside support to hold you accountable, such as a coach. If you would like help setting and achieving you goals, let’s talk as we have packages that will work for you. You’ll get clearer and achieve more so contact us today to get started.

Committed to Your Success Coaching & Consulting focuses on workplace happiness and organizational success, using brain-based principles. If you need help gaining clarity on your business or career goals, why not get some help – stop the struggle and call today to get started! or For more great tips, visit our other blog at


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