Proof that the Law Of Attraction Works

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction (LOA), which states that what you put out you get back. If you put out negative thoughts, negative comes back in some form either consciously or subconsciously. If you only see negatives, it doesn’t allow you to see anything positive and will act off those negative thoughts.


You will base decisions and take actions that are rooted in a negative way, leading to having a pretty unhappy life, which impacts every aspect. If this is what negative thoughts do, then just think how powerful positive thoughts are. They are the reverse – more positivity, better decision making, a more fulfilled life.

To show how this works, I thought I’d share a story of someone I met who said they base their life off of the LOA. Their story starts when they were younger and the victim of a trauma, which led them to becoming angry and, according to them, ‘not a nice person at all.’ They said they became critical of others and had no tolerance; they isolated themselves away from others.

However, they said they were introduced to the Law of Attraction, and the book ‘The Secret’ by a friend. At first, they said they were very skeptical (as most people are) but soon found the information resonating and began to put the law into action. Fast forward to three years later, and they now report that their life has completely changed. They are now happy, have better relationships, and went after their dream job. What is pretty amazing is that this person is in their 20’s – how insightful to make a transformation now.

The point is that it does not matter how young or old you are, it is never to late to make a change in your life. It reminds me of the phrase “When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you can do something about your sick self.’ When your negative thoughts and patterns are no longer working, then it’s time to make a change. It won’t feel good at first, as those patterns will want you to keep doing them as it is the ‘easy’ way.

But easy does not always get things done. You can start off small, by just sitting and visioning of something you want; you can create a dream board, or put a picture of your desire somewhere where you can see it, or you can use positive self-talk and say affirmations or talk yourself through a situation with you as the winner.

You may find others laughing or being critical, as the person I’ve mentioned found, but you have to block them out (as they did). Now, those critics are their fans as they’ve noticed the positive changes and outlook so now they, too, are using the law. To give another example, several years ago I was consulting for someone in their business and on the first meeting, I noticed that they had a picture of a house about 10 times in their office to which they replied “this is the house I want and I never want to forget what I’m working for.” the LOA in action, as they did eventually get that house.

Use the tools available to you to create a life you want. The law of attraction is one of those at your disposal. Happy creating!

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