Keeping Calm During Tragedy Around You

I had planned to write on another topic, but the event in Las Vegas changed that. Listening to the news and what’s been reported on Facebook, and other social media outlets, is heartbreaking. It seems that we are facing more and more tragedies in our world. We still have people trying to rebuild their lives in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico from the latest hurricanes, threats from North Korea and now this.


Living in the city where the once biggest mass shooting occurred, these types of events really are disruptive and have long-lasting effects. It seems we are living in a state of fear and anxiety for the next event to take place. How do you deal with this? How do you help your children and others in your circle calm during these times?

There are three quick ways that can help:

  1. take deep breaths to calm your brain/body, so the cortisol (stress chemical) does not take over which can cause emotional and physical problems. Do some type of activity – take a walk, color, organize, etc. as these are good outlets and can release your happy chemicals
  2. journal or talk to others – this is not the time to hold your feelings in; but this is also not the time to magnify what happened, which can increase your anxiety level. Talking about how you feel, perhaps the worry for yourself or loved one, perhaps anger that this happened, etc. can help you to rationalize your worries and feel supported. It can help you to challenge any worries so they don’t overtake you
  3. turn off the media – take a mental health day from news outlets, which will only heighten any worries or anxiety you feel. It may be hard at first, but focusing on your own feelings will help you to deal appropriately with them until you feel calmer and can deal with the event

Until the investigation is completed, it is unwise to speculate on any motives or what could be done to prevent this. Now is the time to release any negative thoughts/feelings in a healthy manner and practice self-care. Doing so will keep you focused on the here and now, feel calmer, and take care of what is in your realm. I think we are all hurting for those impacted by this tragedy but let’s continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. Do something good for someone else today, forgive a past wrong, and stay in your own lane as we move past today.

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