Taking Risks

I have found myself taking more risks these day, and in a good way. I have joined a group to create and grow a Face Book group; I’ve had a coaching group for a while now, but it hasn’t grown as quickly as I’d like so I’m looking to this group and program to jump-start it.

I just finished a 5-day Visibility Challenge, where I learned to create and share memes that represent my brand and information I share. This was really uplifting – and fun for my creative side. (here is one I did)

take a risk quote

And I just signed up – and did – my first Facebook Live 21 Day Challenge.  This one scares me the most, as I am not comfortable being on camera. I’ve dabbled with them but the outtakes of my ‘flubs’ are so funny. I did my first video and, while it was a a bit rough, I got through and posted it for the those in my world to see.  My goal is to like how I look and share more content.

The point is that I am taking more risks these day – what about you? Taking risks is …risky; it’s fearful and scary. Pushing past these fears and taking those risks, however, is what leads to growth and results. The more you do, the less those risks appear ‘real’ – they are imaginations in our mind, an anticipation that we don’t actually know will happen.

Challenging these maladaptive thoughts and taking some type of action is the way; I can tell you that I feel pretty proud right now that I’ve done that video. It wasn’t as scary as I thought and I look forward to doing more. If I hadn’t have done this challenge, I would still be sitting on the sidelines, feeling frustrated with myself. I’ve admired those that have done videos so I no longer want to be in that space – I’ve taken a risk and moved forward.

What about you? What scares you, but frustrates you at the same time? I challenge you to act on whatever it is and get ‘er done. You will be glad you did.

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