Using Your Most Productive Time of Day

In order for you to accomplish those goals on your “To Do” list, you need to be focused and completing tasks on a daily basis.  But do you ever find yourself feeling unfocused or delaying those action steps?


The rationale may not be due to any fears surrounding your goals – it may be that you are not using your time appropriately.  Namely, that you are not using your most productive time of day.  This is the the time when you are feeling energized and are most clear in your outlook and mood.

We all have this productive time but may not be aware of it; maybe you are a morning person but then get sluggish towards the end of the day or, you could be the opposite in that you feel tired in the morning but become accomplished as the day goes on.  You could be, like me, an evening person where your ideas and energy come at night.

Whatever your productive time of day, it is important to know and use this to your advantage.  It will help you to get more done and to feel more accomplished.  You will get your body in a rhythm-cycle so that you retain your energy for the hardest, or the most important, tasks on your list. Using your most productive time of day will lead you to become more disciplined, focused and accomplished!

For one week, starting today, keep a time journal for all of your activities and your associated moods; document the time of day you wake up and how you feel, i.e. do you jump out of bed or do you keep hitting the snooze alarm.  Note when you feel more focused and energetic as you begin to perform your tasks, as well as how much you get accomplished, especially the tasks you feel are overwhelming or necessary but uninteresting.  Track your progress and watch your achievements grow!

If you need help gaining clarity on your business or career goals, why not get some help – stop the struggle and call today to get started!


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