Freedom is Yours – If You Take it

As we are in a new day, week and month – and as we celebrate the birth of America – today’s theme is all about freedom. But I’m referring to freedom in our work. Sounds hokey? Well, freedom is the name of the game.


In your work, you have the option to look at your work either as a chain around your neck or as your contribution to the workplace. It all starts with your attitude and outlook; freedom comes in all forms:

  • the ability to own your work – take responsibility
  • the ability to perform your work in a self-empowering way
  • the ability to use your skills and talents to excite your passions
  • the ability to be involved and engaged in your work which increases your overall job satisfaction and happiness

Work freedom is not just a dream, but an obligation to yourself. It all starts in the mind and how you look at your work, then it means identifying the parts of the job that align with your skills and aptitudes – which do you need to make your job effective each day, which do you need to improve upon. Asking these will help you to psychologically identify with your work and raise your confidence and self-efficacy (the belief that you can), both of which leads to higher performance and, again, satisfaction.

Work won’t seem tedious and disengaging. By changing your outlook, you will be free to work in your way – freedom can be yours for the taking. As we celebrate our country’s ‘birth,’ take time today to think of how you will fight for your freedom. Also, don’t forget to be grateful for those who have fought – and continue to – fight for the freedom’s we have today. Happy 4th – enjoy your day!

If you’d like to have more freedom in your work, let’s talk! Contact us to begin:



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