Using Meditation Practices to Start the Day Right

I hear from clients frequently how unhappy they are with their jobs – too much work, not enough time, conflict with their tasks or coworkers/boss, and the list goes on. If only thinking of problems on a day-to-day basis is your ‘theme,’ it won’t be long before you will feel more frustration, stress and unhappiness.

Overtime, with no change in this pattern of thinking, it will soon start to feel like ‘groundhog day’ – doing the same things over and over with no change (this is also the definition of insanity). Soon, predictions and generalizations occur for each day being the same. We don’t realize that our situations are not the same as before but are our outlook and belief.

But what if there was a way to start each day with fresh eyes, and a fresh perspective? And what if these led to a differing outcome and the ability to deal with whatever comes your way? Well, there is a way and it’s all within you, or your mind, to be specific.  Although not new, meditation is one of the more up-and-coming popular ways to decrease stress, regain focus and concentration, and give the ability to face each day recharged and refreshed.


From what I’ve learned, meditation is not about stopping one’s thoughts, it’s about living with them and not trying to do anything about them (control them). Creating a ritual each morning before you start your day, where you meditate, will provide you with a fresh outlook and a calm way of being. Meditation does take time to learn, as practice is involved, but just starting with a minute or two will give you calm and relieve any worries or anxieties that may arise. Here are three quick ways to  create a mediation ritual that will start your day off on a positive note:

  1. To begin, set a minute on your cellphone or an actual timer; doing so ‘preps’ you to know this is not going to be laborous or hard. Mindset sets the tone for success; by starting small, it allows the brain to calm and not reject the activity and you can see quick results, thereby motivating you to continue
  2. Use your visualization or find a focal point to look at – think of an object to focus on as this will redirect all thoughts to that one area, making it easier to calm the mind and keep the practice going. Another suggestion is to make a noise, such as a hum (‘ohm’ or ‘um’) to redirect thoughts; I’ve used ‘mmmooonneeey’ in the past
  3. Focus on your breathing, as this is the best way to get calm immediately; breathing deeply in the belly area will help to calm the stress chemicals released, leading to feeling calmer and more in control. The more you practice, the easier this will become, which will be useful for any situation you come across

These practices can take all of five minutes to start and can prep your day, where you can work your up to meditating for longer periods. It would beneficial if you mediated before going out the door to work, and also once you sit at your desk to create a positive way to start the day. As I’ve said earlier, the more you practice, the easier this practice will become, thereby being a daily ritual you will look forward to and set a positive tone for your day.

I was amazed at how many contestants on the Miss America pageant, the other night, said that they regularly meditate and how it helped lead them to be pageant-winners to get to the big stage; the new Miss America discussed how her practice of mediation has lead her to have the confidence to pursue her dream; if it worked for her, it can work for you!

If you’d like help with dealing with workplace stress and learn to manage your career, let’s talk; contact us at to get started!




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