Setting Intentions, NOT Resolutions

Happy January 2017! This is a new day, new week, and new month of a new year. Most people either have – or will be – setting resolutions for themselves, and in any area of their life. However, you’re not ‘most people.’ This is why setting intentions will get you to your goals faster and keep you more motivated along the way.

Resolutions mean that you want to resolve something, such as losing weight or quitting a bad habit, like smoking or drinking. But resolutions don’t always work as the brain looks at them in a passive way, which isn’t very motivating since the brain likes challenges and solving problems. This is why intentions are more powerful; the word itself is more active and seems to hold one accountable. One definition uses the term ‘determining mentally’ on an action (

Since we’re at the very start of the new year, take time to go back and review how 2016 went for you; celebrate your ‘wins’ and look to see what you didn’t get done; after all, you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. Look at unfinished tasks and determine if they still are compelling so you can add these to the list; then, dream big and write out all that come up – don’t limit or worry about how they will get accomplished.

Once you’ve got all your goals listed, go back and prioritize those that are most important or critical to you; add target dates to accomplish them. The next step is to then break down all of the steps you think it will take to reach the goal, being as specific as you can; include resources, support (people), or money (if a factor) you will need to consider. The last step would be to translate these into a visual picture, such as a vision board or listing them on your calendar. Find a system that works for you to give yourself help along the way.

I mentioned accountability earlier so find whatever way to be held accountable to do what you say you are intending to do; this can include finding a mastermind group; getting an accountability partner or a mentor; journaling daily; tracking your results, etc. For me, I find my own accountability works, and to use visualizations, as well as writing down my results daily. Not wanting to disappoint myself is a good way to take action. Also, the more I acknowledge my wins, the better and more motivated I feel.

Hopefully, you will take these suggestions and get going. Big things are waiting for you this year – they’re all within your control. See you on the winner’s side!

If you’re stuck on setting or achieving your goals, I’d love to help you reach them. Contact us at = let’s chat!


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