Are You on the Boss’s Nice or Naughty List?

Just as Santa has a nice and naughty list, so does your boss. Which one are you on? Here are some differences to compare where you stand:

Nice List:

  • shows up on time for work
  • takes breaks on time
  • helps out when needed
  • works well with others
  • has a positive attitude
  • steps up for more challenging work
  • communicates with the boss to keep updated on work processes/outcomes
  • completes work in a timely manner
  • consistently meets quotas and goals

Naughty List:

  • calls off frequently
  • takes longer breaks than usual, or can’t find them
  • minimal interactions with boss/peers
  • needs frequent directions/doesn’t learn from mistakes
  • has a ‘bad’ attitude
  • gossips
  • not a team player
  • unwilling to take on more challenging work – just does the minimum
  • complaints from others
  • resistance to any changes made

So, how did you stack up? The key to moving from the naughty to the nice list is to turn-around any behaviors you uncovered and do the opposite; for instance, if you are having minimal interactions with your team, start to have more conversations with them by asking questions or asking for their opinion on a project you working on. This will open dialogue with them and they will start seeing you in a different light. If you’re just doing the bare minimum, step up your game and go a step further on a work task; if you are grumpy or seem resistant, change your attitude by reframing any negative thoughts and putting a smile on your face- the brain doesn’t know your not happy until you consciously say it isn’t so.

Bottom line, this is all within your control to move from an unproductive or unhappy employee to being a productive, happier one. The choice is yours to make – do you want a reward in your stocking or a lump of coal?

I’d love to help you love your job again – check us out at and begin today!


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