Two Ways to Set Goals and the Benefits of Each

As we’re only two days away from a new month, what better time to plan your goals for what you want to accomplish in December. This can be the time to end the year strong or begin the new year running. The choice is up to you. To do so, there are two ways you can set goals, with each being beneficial to goal achievement.

The first way to set goals is through SMART goals, which is where you start  with what you want to accomplish. The acronyms stand for: Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-limited. The more specific you are with what you want to accomplish will help the brain to lead into taking action. Being able to measure progress and ensuring they are realistic, again, keeps you in forward motion as much clarity comes on the steps needed to get them done. Goals need to spur us on and be compelling enough to keep us engaged in them, otherwise too soft of a goal can be demotivating and easier to put them off. Having a time-limit for when you want to achieve the goal gives your daily, weekly, or monthly actions manageable, as well as keeping on a schedule that will fit in with your day.

The second way to set goals is using Everest goals, which is where you work backwards from the end-result. You will take the view that you have already accomplished the goal and then ‘free-think’ of all actions and steps you took that led you there. This can be a more effective way to identify all that needs to be considered when setting a goal; I think looking at it as being accomplished creates a sense of self-efficacy and self-empowerment that leads – and keeps – you in action mode. I don’t think there is an excuse to not getting goals done if you already can see the desired outcome(s); it is essential that you are very clear on that desired result.

So, now you have two ways to plan and set your goals; use them to either complete current goals or to get started before January hits.  Happy goal-setting!


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