Lessons I Learned from the Election (this is NOT about Politics)

I was sitting in church last Sunday when the priest began his sermon talking about the election; I started to get upset as I don’t think the two mix but some of what he was talking about resonated with me as he focused on being kinder and more tolerant of each other.

It go me thinking of my take-aways from the election, that I can apply in my business and career, and my life; I hope they speak to you, too:

  • It is possible to do the impossible: many predictions did not favor Donald Trump, but he was able to achieve the impossible. This showed me that if you have guts and determination, you can overcome any challenge and come out on top.
  • When you speak your authentic message, your tribe will listen: if we look at why people followed any of the candidates, it was because of the message they sent which aligned with people’s values and beliefs. If you want to build that list or get noticed, don’t be afraid to be your true self and speak what’s in your heart, no matter how others may feel. You’re not trying to reach the masses – you just want to find those who align with what you stand for. That is why people buy and refer.
  • Your brand can make or break you: any candidate had their own brand that defined them, whether positive or negative. Brands are how people identify you, either through words you say, a color you wear or hairstyle/color, or something signature that is personal to you. I have a friend who loves to wear hats so that is how she is identified; someone else I know loves to wear Hawaiian shirts. It seems strange when I don’t see either in their signature piece; when I refer to them, people go ‘oh yes, I know who you mean.’ What better way to be remembered.
  • You can bring people together for your mission: everyone in business started theirs due to an idea or a passion that they want to either help others with or make their life better in some way. When you focus in on whatever that is, you will forge through no matter what challenges are in your way. Both candidates had separate agendas but were able to bring people to their camp who all have the same mission. This is how movements are started and make a difference in the lives of others.
  • You won’t reach or affect everyone – and why you shouldn’t try: unfortunately, even with a great mission or message, not everyone will agree or accept it. This is ok – you don’t have to affect everyone; doing so can be frustrating and exhausting. This why a niche area is the easiest way, whether for your business or in your job – focusing in one skill or topic will help you to be better at them as well as get identified by others, which can lead to getting more referrals or more challenging work/promotion.
  • Having a campaign strategy is essential to success: I’m not exactly sure what the campaign strategy was for any of the candidates, but I’ sure they had one as this allowed them to know what to do each day to get those votes. Having strategies for how you will grow your business, as well as navigating successfully throughout your career, gives you the same direction and exact steps to take daily. You will be in control of what you do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis that will lead you to having more sustainability and success.
  • Never give up: neither of the major candidates gave up willingly; they persevered and kept going, even when things did not seem to be going their way. Don’t you give up, either, no matter what you are facing on a daily basis. This is where resiliency comes in and makes you stronger for any other situations you are faced with.
  • Believe in yourself: the one thing that all of the candidates had in common was self-belief in their commitment to serving our country, that they had the leadership abilities to do so, and that however they would lead would make a difference. They also had the belief that their lot in life is to serve others, which kept them going through most grueling times. I don’t believe one can face persecution and not believe in themselves and doing the ‘right’ thing. If you want more success in your business, your career, and your life, you need to believe that you can do so. Keep that word in front of you as a reminder – you can find all sorts of pictures or kotschkes with the word on it – I have quite a few, myself – to be a subliminal way to believe that no matter what, you can achieve anything you want and that you are the one to do so.

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