What Fathers Teach Us

First off, Happy Father’s Day to all Dad’s out there, to Dad’s who are no longer with us, and the men in our lives who have influenced us in some way.

What Fathers teach us is so important (and I include any male influence, i.e. brothers, uncles, family friends, etc.) – we learn how to be strong,  how to be patient, how to be protective, as well as for how we interact with others. Some Dads can be loud, while others can be quiet (my Dad); some are outgoing while others possess quiet strength (my Dad). Some have great business minds while others are good with their hands (my Dad). For females, we learn how to be treated by our partners and to be respected.

So today I celebrate not just my Dad and brother, but all Dad’s and remember their many influences they’ve given us. I hope you enjoy your day!


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