You Have a Degree but Not Satisfied: Now What?

Not sure if this is a (growing) trend or not, but I’m seeing more clients who have graduated with a degree win what they thought was the career of their choice, but who are now finding dissatisfaction and unfulfillment.The reasons vary but it seems to lead into an aspect of once they got into the workplace. One client did not like how the business was run, while another did not like the poor treatment coworkers showed each other. Still, others have said poor leadership and follow-through as contributing factors.

Why would one pursue a degree that is not bringing them all they hoped? I can think of several reasons:

  • they were ‘pushed’ into the career path by their parents
  • they thought that career or industry sounded good
  • they did not do a career exploration, or it was inadequate, to research all about the job and the organizations that hire for them
  • unmet expectations between what they thought the career was and the entry into that career versus what they actually expereienced

Career exploration is critical as you approach entry into the world of work; this entails: assessment of the self, the preferred work environment and the industry your degree is leading you to. Self-assessment basically covers your skills, experiences, aptitudes, interests, passions and all that helps you do work tasks. The preferred work environment is the type of organizational structure which allows you to do your best work, whether you prefer a top-down or bottom-up environment, or you want a quiet or a relaxed/fun environment. The industry includes companies who hire for the path you chose, how viable the industry is (i.e. longevity or robust), and typical salaries.

All of the information gleamed from this exploration will help you to make better informed decision prior to getting into a chosen career. The other step is to determine the expectations you have and then, through  the research – which will help you ease into your degree path easier.



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