Using Your Voice for Good

I know this will sound ‘cheesy’ but I admit that I watch beauty pageants; in fact, I’ve judged several. I am always amazed at how this industry attracts not just beautiful women but ones who are very smart and accomplished. Last night’s Miss USA Pageant was a bit different in the respect that there was more diversity in contestants, there was a “Number 52” who was voted in by the public, a Ph. D. candidate, and an Army sergeant (who won).

Another change that was very impactful was, first, there were only 5 judges and not 10 like there were in the past; the public as well as the contestants were able to cast votes for the winner; and the biggest impact were the questions for the final five. How awkward that one contestant was asked the question of what can be done about the disparity between the rich and the poor (she bombed this badly), as well as the contestant who was asked if she would vote for either Clinton or Trump – talk about being put on the spot, but she handled it well.

I also like to hear what these women stand for – their passions and hobbies. This last year’s Miss USA, in her farewell speech, talked about her best memories of politicking on Capital Hill for Cancer and Alzheimer’s; she said how using your voice for good can change the world. This really resonated with me as I find this is often hard for some to do, as it means you have to put yourself out there which could open you up for criticism or ridicule.

We, as a society in general, seem to care about what others think of us so we go along with the crowd, like ‘sheeple,’ afraid to think and act as we want. We seem to be afraid of being authentic or showing who we really are; we might judge others, become that mean girl (or boy), or stay hidden in the shadows. The ultimate is a frustrated life. The only way to get ahead is to use your voice for good – write, speak, advocate for yourself and others, don’t accept mediocrity, don’t accept poor service, but do express yourself in whatever way feels good for you. This is how change happens – for the good.

Of course, this takes risks but aren’t things you want in life worth a risk? You can use your voice for good at work, in your business, in school, or in your community. Find ways you can do good and make a difference in our world – it all can start by taking the advice of a beauty queen and use your voice.



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